Melodi Horne Ltd. specialize in creating unique and luxurious home decor items. Their handmade lampshades are known for their vibrant coloured linen linings and exclusive fabrics. They also design and manufacture a variety of other products such as cushions, furniture, and handcrafted lamp bases.  Melodi Horne's mission is to reinvent and combine traditional aspects of design that can be used in any classic or contemporary setting offering versatility, style and character. 

All their products are meticulously made in England, with careful attention to detail. The company is based in Notting Hill, London, and actively supports the cottage industry in the North of England and throughout the UK. They prioritize building long-lasting relationships and collaborations with highly respected craftspeople, and their fabrics are printed in England, while specialty fabrics are sourced from around the world.

Melodi Horne offer a bespoke, custom made service to designers and clients in order to meet with individual requirements such as, different size/shape cushions, custom painted lamp-bases,  lampshade frames with custom fittings or different coloured linings to the ones we suggest.

The Designer - Melina Blaxland-Horne

London based designer Melina Blaxland-Horne, is the founder of home decor brand Melodi Horne Ltd.  As a child, she enjoyed analyzing the detail that went into objects of art and antiques and was fascinated with form, textures, fabrics and colours. Her parents were passionate antique and art collectors in their spare time, inevitably Melina’s surroundings influenced her sense of aesthetic from an early age. 

Often encouraged by her maternal grandmother to hand sew dresses for her dolls during play time,  using various forms of artistic expression became a way of life. As a result Melina developed her own ideas and style which she uses imaginatively and creatively in her designs today,  often engaging in her love of sketching and painting, a passion which begun in her formative years.