Melodi Horne love to play with colour, texture and the imagination.

At Melodi Horne we reinvent and merge traditional aspects of design that can be used successfully in any contemporary setting. We use bold, exciting colour combinations and patterns for our lampshade outer covers, linings, cushions and fabrics.

Our extensive range of linen linings always contrast or complement the outer fabric of the shades. Our concept is that a lampshade does not need to be neutral and simply functional. 

Beautifully designed bespoke lampshades, cushions and home accessories lovingly handmade in England

All our products are hand made and we are passionate about attention to detail. We support the cottage industry, all the cushions and lampshades are made in ENGLAND.

Our fabrics are sourced from around the world including the UK. Our lampshades are a luxurious and fabric rich product complemented, by our trade mark taut linen linings which come in a variety of gorgeous colours.

We offer a custom made service to designers and clients in order to meet with individual requirements such as, different size lampshade frames, bespoke cushions or different coloured lampshade linings to the ones we suggest.